Dooz Kawa and the fallen angels

Dooz Kawa

In these times saturated with angst and alienation, where music itself seems futile and burned out, rapper Dooz Kawa reaches his peak. His music feeds off his inner pain, the source of which is unfortunately inexhaustible. For those who have looked honestly within themselves and found nothing but hell, his music is like the song of sirens. In an instant of grace Kawa warns us "when you go through hell there will only be mirrors" (Si ce monde...).

It is drowned in sadness he manages to distill the essential, "that the clouds in front of love do not hide the essence of heaven" (Si ce monde...). In his texts, "old as the world" hopes and the horror of a reality of "a world without a soul" (Demi monde) are thus mixed. Yet "Under the storms, despite the risks, I didn't say, 'God, deliver us', and he continues his "march to the end of the world without haste" to use the words of his song "Sous la pluie". Thus the stakes of his fight are clear: "if I am a subculture thousands of fools would have no soul" (Soirée noire).

The artist not only makes the observation of a world in perdition (see Le bétail, Journaliste, Les hommes et les armes, Dieu d’amour, Intro Astro), but he goes to the very source of the problem, to the place where no one else dares to go anymore : within himself. There he finds the origin of his malaise: "I don't look for the monsters under my bed anymore since I know they are inside me" (Le monstre). He is well aware of this, "when you go through hell there will be nothing but mirrors", and he is ahead of the game. For therein lies the source of all our woes: within us, facing the mirror. He plunges his gaze into it and cannot turn away, as if fascinated by the horror of the truth he sees there. For to look away would be to turn away from the truth, to turn away from the origin of the problem. As he intimates: "The only way to win the war would be to tell yourself it's not a war" (Passions tristes). Yet here he is, "walking toward the end of the world without haste", and summing up "I'm waiting for the wave" (La vague).

Hope itself seems to be slipping away, and in a dizzying supplication worthy of Charles Baudelaire he finally asks "What if this world isn't ready? " (Si ce monde...). Yet, deep in the abyss, a thread of hope persists, still holding him back from "sinking to madness" (Le temps des assassins). So let's analyze his work to try to understand how he became this Steppe Wolf wandering on this "icy black territory" (Soirée noire).

First, there is the recurring notion of fallen angels "Welcome to the half world where millions of fallen angels fall" (Demi monde). It presents fallen humans from a paradisiacal state, as suggested by the great mythologies and religions of history (see Heinberg). "I remember when I had wings" (Soirée noire). He thus perceives humans as fallen from grace, in the tragic state of "the human condition." He articulates our fall from grace in Pumpkin House, a song he dedicates to his son Milo: "Adults are unhappy not to be children anymore".

His son seems to play a powerful anchor in his life.

You're heavenly and so cute I love you baby to madness
You're my little white rabbit crawling in wonderland
Without you, where is my horizon

He often refers to another world, to the "heroes in the moon fallen to Earth ... those with the passport of an imaginary country" (Étoiles du sol), to those "who have a soul that vibrates just a little bit louder than the others" (Loup des steppes).

And the soldiers on the dark side
The castaways from the other world
Have come to sing the half-world
(Demi monde)

His work is but a melancholy symphony to the stateless angels of a lost paradise.

I present to you the symphony that represents
The dark part of another world
(Demi monde)

That he had to leave

Blackfoot from heaven, I had to leave without my furniture one winter day (Un jour d'hiver)
If you knew, it's not a game, it was cheating, I wasn't ready
One scar and gone, my white angel skin got tattooed
I'm a kid who can't play
(Rap sale)

He wishes to reject this horrible soulless reality

Instead of dodging the drowning, we were taught the angel jump
A denial of the individual, a denial of personalities
Society creates undue suffering that no one has any idea of
(Soirée noire)
I want to run away from you, you my pain
You humans who flay me
(La vague)
Just to run away from reality, I move forward with extinguished strength (Rap sale)
The hatred of difference it's terrible, huh
It's amazing this anger of those who...
Who are actually afraid of everything they don't understand
The awakening will be more violent than the bang draught

So he takes a stand and opposes the "normals".

I wonder about humanity all those unspoken things they don't get (Si ce monde...)
I accommodate what bothers you (Soirée noire)
The place of the good is in prison
In a system that makes you sick
I'll be shot tomorrow but long live the Resistance (La Résistance)

So here he is, wandering in a "soulless" world, consuming him in agony.

Sometimes I get this feeling of being like a living oxymoron
Sometimes this impression of having arrived at the end of everything
And even in the excess of the thrills of no longer feeling the taste
(Si ce monde...)

Yet he cannot manage to forget where he came from

"Hello" said the night, you're the last one left
Why the fateful look?
Raise your head and talk to your stars again like before
He'll come back to the beautiful weather
I see you always alone on this bench
Night after night, and night after night
You must love those sneakers to look at them so much
Come on, lift up your head, it'll be nice weather again
We always have a joy somewhere that's slumbering to celebrate
Some kind of sun will come out eventually
You'll eat kisses until you're indigent
Find your direction, close your eyes, go where the wind blows
Anger and hatred only lead to self-destruction
Light up the dark stuff, it's up to you
Some kind of sun will come out eventually
You'll have to be ready
"Good morning" said the night, you're the last one left
Hey, what's with the evil look?
Sometimes I talk to him like that too
(Loup des steppes)

He is aware of the choice

Fate is not all luck but mostly a lot of choice
And you can get ahead by walking far whithin you
I sat in the silence one day not really knowing what it is
Facing the emptiness of my existence watching the stars
And when you're alone with yourself the first times are suffering
With the lack of those you love as a drug addiction
I think hell is not the others because I would have liked to see you there
But when you go through hell there will only be mirrors
I would love to tell you that emptiness can bring you closer to the sacred
But in a doubt sometimes I hesitate, what if this world is not ready?
(Si ce monde...)

He knows that the other option is ignorance

"The only way to win the war would be to tell yourself it's not a war" (Passions tristes).


And even if our world collapses we won't turn our jackets inside out (Palimpsest)

For he is well aware that

Little brother, don't be sad
We would not have been happy in the lie of the matrix
For in dreams... their soul is sad
(Demi monde)

So he chooses the honesty of remembering the paradise from which he came rather than the lie and forgetfulness, though this choice ensures extreme suffering.

So he resolved to think about the problem.

Interrogating the framework is a form of intelligence, right? (Désobéir)
Think before you make it worse, ...
Or absolutely want to fill the Danaides' barrel.
Fate is not only luck but also a lot of choices
And you can get ahead by walking far in it you
I wonder about the humanity all those unspoken things they don't get
My hopes are so old
That my music is in black and white
(Si ce monde...)

He identifies the problem

We are spiritual beings but we are trapped in a circle (Passions tristes)
With this annoying brain I'm circling the pond (Si ce monde...)

He perceives the possibility of a solution

We are always looking for solutions without really knowing the problem (Artiste)
The nature of things always finds its way
You have to fight until you bruise
I am the one who delivers in Plato's myth of the Cave (Chasseur de rimes)
We'll pierce the clouds, those cataracts of heaven! (La couleur des émotions)

He struggles

Facing in the hurricane
All my initial trauma
Good pilots are only known when they face the storm
(La vague)
It's impossible to succeed, and yet we're still holding on to it (Passions tristes)

And in the face of the absence of a solution, it gives way to despair

I wish I had sawed off my bonds (La Résistance)
No one here claims to possess the saving idea (Un jour d'hiver)
All hopes are in vain, to be saved from the outside (Le monstre)
I'd like to tell you that success will be seen in an afterlife
But in a doubt sometimes I hesitate, what if this world is not ready?
My only army will be salvation
(Si ce monde...)

But while waiting for his time he will not give up, and like a true samurai he fights to the end

And yet I love life, I'd like to stay in it
I still have so much to hate
(Rap sale)
Even though hell is haunting me (La Résistance)
Somehow I'm flipping out because my happiness is too fierce and then my suffering too excruciating
Because to cleanse our souls we'd have to take a blood bath
(Rap sale)
Admit it, our stubbornness to survive amazes you (Sous la pluie)

He knows his choice and accepts his condition

Assert yourself beyond these haunted souls
Keep your philosophy honest and in adversity be you
Even if you give sugar to the Cerberus you will not domesticate it

But from you, you can't run away
You won't beat your old ghosts, at worst you keep them at bay
But when fatigue comes, you feel your defenses lowering
You'd like to put away your sword, fall asleep by the shore
But if you haven't declared peace, the Death Eater army is coming
There's no ambulance that can, where I am
Coming to take me there in my imaginary world
Where the little pains are noisy
But the big ones only know how to keep quiet
I'll probably go now
But tell me my friend, do I live on Shutter Island?
(Passions tristes)

He's holding his ground

I love freedom even if humanity hurts me (Dieu d'amour)
Bad seed from the start we grow in hate beyond you
I still haven't found my place
(Mauvaises graines)
For the little that God allowed me, that's what bothers the normals (Le monstre)
And the more time goes by, the less I understand who I can be
I think if you keep looking for yourself you always end up losing yourself
All the eloquence, for me is only a means of seduction
To buy a hostage's life, all I can offer is sound
We always look for solutions without really knowing the problem
To be an artist, suicide mission, destroy the enemy is yourself

Great minds don't meet, great minds are lonely
I come from those latitudes that don't count where one is always alone on earth

And in silence suffers his torment

In my brain
Of a mad hatter
This is the eternal darkness
They fear I'm going demented
(Soirée noire)
I know the demons conspire, desire love to be spoiled
That the only thing that attracts them is the ruins of a trashed soul
(Le monstre)

And with a hint of humor he taunts the madness that lurks around him

They sometimes say we're great because there's more than one of us in my head
Hey, who's talking?
I had my bipolar period but now we're better -I think-
I had my 'me(s)' imprisoned a few months ago
Assassinated my putschist thoughts
I'm almost the boss of me again
(Chasseur de rimes)

He finally poses the final dilemma

I still don't know if the wave will be rebirth or suicide (La vague)
Is Pandora's box worth closing the lid on? (Soirée noire)

I've been through the loneliness that inspired me to a remedy
Thinking of death every day brought out the essential
That the clouds in front of love do not hide the essence of heaven
That you must learn to love yourself, be selfish and help you save yourself
For if you drown you can save no one
(Si ce monde...)

Yet the real genius of Dooz Kawa is this: addressing the "stars on the ground", "those with a soul that vibrates just a little bit louder than the rest", the last ones left, waiting for the day when the sun finally rises. It is to these madmen on the fringe that he addresses himself, those who are aware that there is a world made of love and tenderness.

I represent for all those who pray to a god of love
The one who makes us love each other in the world and the surroundings
(Dieu d'amour)
To carry all the unsaid
The end times, the death of God
We come to it with tears in our eyes
(Message aux anges noires)

Waiting for the "sun", he provides the only source of truth and addresses all the unspoken self-harm and inner pain of those who have kept their childlike souls.

Maybe the planet is spinning too fast and you
You walk on water lilies like a star dancer
You go alone in these worlds that you improvise
And no one holds your hand if you skin your knees
It's the cold side of the dream that makes it snow inside us
Which makes all those jerks of supporters, those military, those down to earth people, jealous
Because the stars on the ground, well...
That's us
I was that kid we put on the sidelines
That's for the kids that hover above
Just because I'm not from this world
I write these words as an ode to the escapees
And if there's plenty of light in your retina
And to the doc' it looks clean
Stars on the ground
(Étoiles du sol)

And the time has finally come, as we can finally explain why our world is degenerating and humans are becoming psychologically upset. We can understand that by becoming conscious, our mind has taken control of our behavior at the expense of our instincts. Our instincts, which up to now have always governed our behavior and ensured our survival, are feeling robbed by an impostor, whom they criticize to stop disobeying. It is thus from the ignorance of our instincts that our feeling of guilt, our torment and our intimate terror of being fundamentally bad comes. But we can finally understand that instead of being disobedient monsters as our instincts intimate, we are truly conscious heroes in search of self-understanding.

Kawa knows that the honesty of his writing can save souls in distress and bring them together.

I give my soul to each rhyme, like Voldemort's horcruxes (Artiste)
Take a piece of his heart
His soul is an open door
(Soirée noire)

So we can say that this is a thinker of almost unparalleled depth in our time, indeed very few people have been able to contemplate the evil in themselves for so long without going mad or committing suicide. Few people will be able to look forward so much to the day when "some kind of sun will eventually rise", a day that is now possible thanks to the Herculesque work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith in explaining the origin of the human condition.

I've achieved extreme things a little bit because of my intuition
Mostly because of my recklessness
(Rap sale)

Your sunshine here it is, in Jeremy Griffith's explanation of the human condition, which explains why you have suffered so much unbearable psychological upset. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you and all those "who have a soul that lives just a little bit stronger" will find this explanation and be freed from their torment.

One day Music will tell me
Kawa I found your people