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The World Transformation Movement (WTM) is a global not-for-profit movement dedicated to bringing liberating biological understanding to the underlying problem in all human affairs of the human condition. It particularly recognises the breakthrough understanding put forward by world-leading biologist Jeremy Griffith at Established by Lucas Machlein, the WTM Nice Centre forms part of an ever-expanding network of WTM Centres that span the world.

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Lucas Machlein has a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Sciences and Technologies from the Montpellier University Institute of Technology. He has studied and worked in Mexico and Canada and speaks French, English, German and Spanish.

“Nothing is more gentle than man in his primitive state”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract and Discourses

Prior to biologist Jeremy Griffith providing the real explanation of, and thus defence of, our divisive human condition, humans relied on the false excuse that we have ‘savage’ competitive, selfish and aggressive instincts like other animals. However, the truth, which we can now admit, is that humans actually have cooperative, selfless and loving moral instincts, the ‘voice’ or expression of which is our conscience. As Charles Darwin recognised, “The moral sense perhaps affords the best and highest distinction between man and the lower animals” (The Descent of Man, 1871). And to have acquired our altruistic moral instinctive nature, it follows that our distant ancestors must have been cooperative, selfless and loving, not competitive, selfish and aggressive l ike other animals.

Read how the process of ‘love-indoctrination’ produced our species’ cooperative instincts.

  • Family of Ardipitecines Family of Ardipitecines
  • “We’ve never before had the answers to the core questions of who are we as a species? What are our origins? What’s the meaning of life? But now we do.”

    Lucas Machlein

The French polymath Blaise Pascal spelled out the full horror of our contradictory nature when he wrote, “What a chimaera then is man! What a novelty, what a monster, what a chaos, what a contradiction, what a prodigy! Judge of all things, imbecile worm of the earth, repository of truth, a sewer of uncertainty and error, the glory and the scum of the universe!” (Pensées, 1669).

It’s a riddle that has plagued mankind, but in FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, Jeremy Griffith finally explains this ‘contradiction’ of our species’ agonisingly troubled psychology — and in doing so, liberates humans from the bonds of our insecure, human-condition-stricken existence forever!

“I have no doubt FREEDOM provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is the book that saves the world.”

Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

“Solving the ‘human condition’ has the power to end all of the suffering because it deals with the fundamental insecurity that drives all of human psychosis. FREEDOM has to be the most important book ever written.”

Tim Macartney-Snape, AM OAM, Australian biologist & mountaineer

“The sequence of discussion in FREEDOM is so logical and sensible, providing the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.”

Dr David J. Chivers, anthropologist & former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain

  • FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition

    FREEDOM is the definitive presentation of the biological explanation of the human condition needed for the complete understanding of human behaviour and the ultimate amelioration of all the underlying psychosis in human life.


  • Cover of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith freely available from the World Transformation Movement -
  • “With the self-knowledge open to us all now, there is a true awareness of what we all, as diverse members of the human race, bring to the party of life; there is a letting go of emulation and the strife to become what we’re not.”

    Franklin Mukakanga, Advertising director & radio host and WTM Zambia founder

  • “I never dared to even think about something like this, and I can totally understand everyone who thinks this is crazy, but I’m able to tell you with 100% clarity that this explanation of human nature is true. Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition, so we are now in a position to SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM ON EARTH.”

    Stefan Rössler, IT entrepreneur & WTM Austria founder

“Tasks are called superhuman when men take a long time to complete them, that is all.”

The French Nobel Laureate Albert Camus was one of the world’s great thinkers who recognised that solving the human condition, and liberating our minds from that anguished existence, was humanity’s fundamental priority and responsibility.

“…men have never ceased to grow in the knowledge of their destiny. We have not overcome our condition, and yet we know it better. We know that we live in contradiction, but that we must refuse this contradiction and do what is needed to reduce it. Our task as men is to find those few first principles that will calm the infinite anguish of free souls. We must stitch up what has been torn apart, render justice imaginable in the world which is so obviously unjust, make happiness meaningful for nations poisoned by the misery of this century. Naturally, it is a superhuman task. But tasks are called superhuman when men take a long time to complete them, that is all.”
Albert Camus, The Almond Trees

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

WTM Global Network

Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

Visit the WTM’s Transformation page to learn more about the formation of these Centres. You can access the following examples of WTM Centre websites by clicking on their images below.

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