Lucas Machlein has a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Sciences and Technologies from the Montpellier University Institute of Technology. After studying and working in Mexico and Canada, Lucas returned home to Nice in 2020. Lucas is a devotee of the great philosopher-writers Albert Camus, Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the Parisian-based writer Samuel Beckett — all of whom feature in Jeremy Griffith’s work. He also follows contemporary musicians such as Gaël Fahe, Dooz Kawa and Swift Guad, whose music honestly reflects the abyss of depression caused by the human condition. Lucas, who speaks French, English, German and Spanish, is incredibly enthusiastic about bringing Jeremy’s liberating understandings to the French-speaking public, and will be assisting the WTM in translating these insights into French.

  • Lucas Machlein, founder of the World Tranformation Movement Nice Centre
  • “This is a movement that is growing, it won’t stop. Good news is coming to the world!”

    Lucas Machlein